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According the Act of transformation public companies, Act of Seaports Law and Act of Trading companies, Port of Ploce was transformed into a joint stock company in January 2003.

Legally Registered No: 3036138
Services Registered No: 63111
Address: Trg kralja Tomislava 21
            P.P. 13
            20340 Ploče

OUR SERVICES - Ploce Port and Metkovic Port

  1. Port cargo handling
  2. Storage and transport of various cargoes
  3. Mooring the vessels, yachts and big cabin cruisers etc.
  4. Other services

The basic capital of Port of Ploce, Inc is HRK 169.186.800,00 kn and it is split into 422.967 shares whose nominal value is HRK 400.

OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE on 30th July 2011.


  1. Management of a company / Chief executive officer
  2. General Business Department for legal service and human resources
  3. Department for economy and finance
  4. Technology support department
  5. Commercial department and port terminals
  6. Department for research developments and investments

Each sector is well equiped and trained with qualified workers.

The quality Management system of Ploce Port organization on March 28th 2006 satisfied the requirements of the Quality management systems updated to requirements HRN EN ISO 9001:2009; EN ISO 9001:2008. on the basis of Article 9. The Standardisation Act (Official Gazette 169/2003) and in accordance with Internal policy for Standardization, UPN3 point 5.1.3. and the HZN/TO 176.


Luka Ploce d.d.
Trg kralja Tomislava 21
20340 Ploce

President of the Management Board:
Mr.Capt.Ivan Pavlović, B.Sc./marine transport

Phone:+ 385 (0)20 67 86 62        + 385 (0)20 67 96 01
Fax : + 385 (0)20 67 91 03

tel:+ 385 (0)20 67 92 20
      + 385 (0)20 60 31 11

web site:


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