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The natural way along Neretva River valley has been important from ancient times,and decision to build a port in Ploce was made in 1936, so the construction of the railway from Metkovic to Ploce started the following year and was completed in 1942. This corridor along Neretva River is the only significant access road for Bosnia and Herzegovina, its hinterland stretched as far as Hungary, Slovakia and other Central European countries.

The works on the construction of the new port started in 1939 and continued even during the first years of World War II. The port of Ploce and the railway towards the inland were brought into service on 15th of July 1945. this date represents the beginning of the operation of the port of Ploce for public traffic.Significant development of port started in 1945 when the railway Ploce - Sarajevo was reconstructed and economy of BiH was intensified.

Larger ships started to anchor on the newly built coast bringing grain and coal, while bauxite and timber were exported.
The company "Port & Warehousese" officially started operating on January 18th, 1952.
The construction of a normal-gauged railway track from Sarajevo - Ploce completed in 1966 with diesel traction, while the electrification was completed in 1969.The preconditions were thereby fulfilled for the beginning of the appearance of transit cargoes fom Central European countries.
1969 marked the integration of the companies Port of Ploce and ZTP Sarajevo due to the adequacy of their objectives, which contributed to a significant increase in traffic volumes. Such a rapid growth in traffic volume was influenced by dinamical development of a big industrial and metallurgy enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina and of the wood-processing and mine industries in the first place, followed by the chemical and aluminium industries.

Development of port intensified in the period between 1960 and 1990. The functions and facilities of the port were improved by building several new piers, warehouses and silo for bulk cargo and tanks for liquid fuel, port machinery was purchase and a pier was built, pier built in port of Metkovic. After reconstruction of the port facilities in 1966 the total through the port of Ploce reached 1 million tons in a few years.

The port of Ploce is one of the main ports of Croatia and it is considered as a strategic port by the Croatian Government. It si located on the Adriatic coast at mid-distance of Split and Dubrovnik and is the gateway of the Vc European corridor.
In the period from 1991 to 1996, the intensity of port operation significantly decreased due to the events of war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, resulting in the destruction of the entire economy and in an interruption in railway and road communications between the coast and the inland. Consequently the port was forced to work at a low capacity.

By the decison of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Port Authority was established on February 13th, 1997, as a landlord port authority at Ploce, while a separate stevedoring company, Port of Ploce/Luka Ploce dd is currently the main operator in the Port of Ploce and operates dry bulk, liquid bulk and general cargo facilities.

Since 1998 the port operator Luka Ploce dd is part of Luka Ploce Group and their activities are: sea transport services, maintenance services, construction services, freight forwarding, commerce, warehouse service etc.
Construction of the port capacity started with reconstruction and rehabilitation of Pier 5 and Pier 3. RO-RO terminal was built / for the Passenger ships traffic for local and international service /and a new Liquid cargo terminal and cold-storage terminal were constructed.

Port of PLoce is a joint stock company established in January 2003. but still remains primarily state owned. The present ownership: 42,9 % of the shares belong to the Croatian Privatization Fund, 40,3 %belong to port employees and to small shareholders, and 16,8 % to the Croatian Pension Fund.
The value of the company is mainly constituted by the 12-year priority concession agreement.
The port of Ploce has been awarded with HRN EN ISO 9001:2002 and ISO 9001:2000 since 2006.
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