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Commercial Director:
Tomo Krilić BEc
Assistant commercial Director:
Dražen Čović BEc
Deputy Director:
Ivan Mateljak BA-eng
Bulk cargo terminal

The basic capacity used for manipulating bulk cargo in "Luka Ploce" is shore 5, where coal, iron ore, pig iron and waste iron are transshipped.

"Luka Ploce" d.d. offers a complete service in the manipulation of all kinds of bulk cargo.
The annual bulk cargo traffic: coal,iron ore, phosphate, concentrates, cinder, scrap iron and others is more than three million tones.

»  Capacities
quay length 510 m
draught 14 m
storage capacity 300.000 t
number of berths 3 pcs
mooring for ships up to 75.000 DWT
reloading capacity 15.000 t/day
»  Equipment
loaders 14 pcs
bulldozer 2 pcs
shore cranes capacity 10 t 5 pcs
mobile crane capacity 63 t 1 pcs
mobile crane capacity 140 t 1 pcs
Unloading of Kater Wave ship
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