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Commercial Director:
Tomo Krilić BEc
Assistant commercial Director:
Dražen Čović BEc
Deputy Director:
Ivan Mateljak BA-eng
Grain cargo terminal

The grain cargo terminal is a standalone, technologically complete system with its own shore, railroad and road connectivity. It is designed for transshipment, storage and packaging of crops, oilseeds and other grain cargo.

»  Capacity
quay length 180 m
draught 9,80 m
number of berths 1 km
one-time storage capacity 45.000 t
tehnical capacity transfer 400 t / h
capacity line for packing in bags 1000 bag / h

The following cargo manipulations are possible:

  • ship-silo
  • silo - ship
  • wagon or road vehicle - silo
  • silo - wagon or road vehicle
  • direct manipulation: ship - vehicle and vehicle ship through the transportation system



Processes transfer of grain cargo
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