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Commercial Director:
Tomo Krilić BEc
Assistant commercial Director:
Dražen Čović BEc
Deputy Director:
Ivan Mateljak BA-eng
Terminal for liquid cargo transhipment

There are two terminalsin the Port of Ploce, "LPT" and "Oil terminal BiH",for reception and dispatching of liquid cargo:

  • motor gas
  • gas oil
  • other liquid cargo

The liquid cargo moor is 63 m long and is connected through a pipeline to the capacities of both terminals.
The liquid cargo moor is equipped with all the necessary equipment for transshipment of liquid cargo, as well as fire extinguishing equipment and equipment for sea protection from spills of liquid cargo.

»  Capacity "Oil terminal BiH"
number of berths 1 km
draught 12 m
One-time storage capacity
oil fuel 40.000 m3
NaOH (55%) 17.000 m3
white products(gasolines D2 ortoxilen) 20.000 m3
petrochemical products 15.000 m3
Tehnical capacities of oil fuel
shipping 500 t / h
reception 1000 t / h
Tehnical capacities of NaOH  
shipping 200 t / h
reception 400 t/ h
Tehnical capacities of white products
shipping 350 t / h
reception 350 t / h
Tehnical capacities of petrochemical products
shipping 250 t / h
reception 250 t / h
»  Capacity "LPT"
The full list of truck and wagon cisterns and railway installations
Ship - warehouse with dispatch pumps
Transportation pipelines for product delivery
Manipulation pipelines
Fire protection system with automatic beeper
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