Luka Šped d.o.o.

for international shipment based

Luka Šped d.o.o., one of the three ˝daughter˝ companies of the port, was founded in 1998 and is 100% owned by the Port of Ploče.

The core business of the company is an international freight forwarding service covering a wide range of logistic services for the arrival and delivery of goods via the Port of Ploce:

“door to door” service
Monitoring of consignments and coordination with other participants in the supply chain
Production and processing of customs and transport documents
Insurance of goods in transport
Road / rail / sea freight transport
Goods warehouse
Loading / unloading / transshipment
Customs brokerage

Luka Šped d.o.o.

Trg kralja Tomislava 21, 20340 Ploče, Hrvatska

T: +385 (0)20 676 148

+385 (0)20 676 397

+385 (0)20 679 707

F: +385 (0)20 676 398

Along with the network of certified and trusted business partners, Luka Šped is able to offer complete logistic solutions tailored to individual customer requirements.

A team of motivated employees with long-standing experience guarantees a high-quality service that is characterized by expertise, speed, efficiency and safety.

The mission of Luka Šped is to meet all the needs of its clients through professional and responsible business with the respect of high ethical principles.

Quality policy

In the company LUKA-ŠPED d.o.o., we are aware that the success of our business depends on customer satisfaction, so we strive to understand the present and future needs of our clients, meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

LUKA-ŠPED d.o.o. does everything to ensure that our services are of the highest quality, safe, efficient and timely, in accordance with legal requirements and as expected by our customers.

We strive to provide our clients with quality and fulfillment of their expectations. We endeavor to ensure the continuity of the quality of our services through constant communication with our clients, while meeting legal and contractual obligations. Improving the quality of both the services themselves and the overall business of the company is a constant task of the Management Board and each of its employees.

The task and responsibility of the Management Board is to provide the necessary resources for the smooth and impartial performance of all employees and to constantly improve the quality of the management system. The management constantly monitors the processes in order to improve the quality of services and the efficient functioning of all parts of the company.

It is the duty of all employees to meet the quality requirements, maintain the agreed quality level and, through their proposals and actions, make a lasting contribution to improving the overall quality.

The procedures and the system in place are just the basis for a high level of quality of action, therefore the obligation of employees is the constant acquisition of new knowledge and constant training.

The aim which is constantly being pursued by LUKA-ŠPED d.o.o. in adopting a quality management system, it is to reach a status that will meet the level of requirements of the domestic and international market in terms of quality, ensure the loyalty and satisfaction of customers, employees and all interested parties, thus achieving the results which will enable the company to grow.

The quality policy goals of both the company and LUKA-ŠPED d.o.o. are contained in the following:

  • compliance with all legal regulations and other norms of the profession
  • regular training of employees in knowledge of legal regulations,
  • investing in maintaining and procuring new funds needed to carry out the work process
  • meeting the expectations and demands of users of our services,
  • continuous improvement of our services.

LUKA-ŠPED d.o.o. will determine the satisfaction of the users of its services and use such knowledge to permanently improve its services.

Management will strongly implement this policy and expects and requires the full support of all employees to implement the policy.

Ploče, 15.09.2018.

Director: Natalija Petrović