The Management Board of Luka Ploče d.d. is composed of two members of the company: Hrvoje Livaje as the President of the Management Board and Daniela Marelić, Member of the Management Board for finance.

Hrvoje Livaja graduated from the University of Zagreb at the Faculty of Economics, specializing in Finance, in 2007. His professional career began at Deloitte’s where he was promoted to senior manager.
In 2012, he became the project manager in the Energy Sector and Investment Monitoring Center, where he monitored the investments of all public companies and reported to the Government of the Republic of Croatia.
From November 2013, he was the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HŽ Cargo and a few months later he became a member of the Administrative Council of the Port of Ploče. He further continued his career as an advisor to the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure. In addition, he was a member of the following supervisory boards: Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o. and member of the Supervisory Board of HŽ Putnički Prijevoz d.o.o. In 2016, he took over the role of Executive Director for Logistics for ENNA Group.
Since February 2018 he has served as Advisor to the Management Board of the Port of Ploče. On 27 December 2018, by unanimous decision of the Supervisory Board of Luka Ploče d.d., he was appointed as the new President of the Management Board of the Port of Ploče, his term beginning on 1 February 2019.

Daniela Marelić is a certified Chartered Accountant [CA (SA)] and a ’Commissioner of Oaths in South Africa. She graduated in 2007 from the University of Witwatersrand, specializing in financial and managerial accounting, taxation, and auditing. 

She began her professional career in 2008 at the audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers South Africa, where she spent 12 years in the Banking and Capital Markets division (audit and assurance), having worked primarily in Johannesburg, as well as New York City, London and the rest of Africa region. In June 2019, she continued her career in the Eastern European market at Deloitte Croatia, as a Director of the Audit and Advisory Department, before joining the management board of Luka Ploče d.d. 

Daniela has extensive experience in the financial services sector, with a particular focus on the banking industry. She has lead a range of complex and high-profile public interest clients in corporate investment banking, retail and business banking, asset management, retail and corporate loan portfolios, and securitization structures. In recent years, she has focused on analysing and assessing business practices, behavioural and compliance risks and risk management oversight and practices. 

Daniela was appointed as a Member of the Management Board for Finance by the decision of the Supervisory Board of Luka Ploče d.d., with a mandate starting from 1 July 2020.