The Port of Ploče has for many years been expanding its informatic capabilities, investing in modern technology. The company is aware that such a type of investment brings better competition to the market and raises internal and external business to a new level.
The expert team of the IT sector of the Port of Ploče is always ready to help external and internal users.
Combis PCM
The Combis PCM project primarily focuses on the automation of business processes at the Port of Ploče, with the priority of linking all business sectors.

The “Combine PCM (Port Container Management)” application is an application solution for manipulating containers, bulk and general cargoes. Combis PCM is a set of several applications that are linked together in one homogeneous system. The application enables the port operator to easily keep records of containers, general and bulk cargoes, job planning, invoicing and contract management to share with other port employees.

Combis PCM consists of two basic applications:

  • Central web applications (for port employees, agents, freight forwarders and customs);
  • Mobile applications “Combis Port Container Management for Mobile Devices” ” used on mobile devices and only contain a module for workers on the container terminal.

Since the Port Authority of Ploče, together with the World Bank, has created a project for linking all port operators to a large central system, known as PCS, the Combis PCM project is one of the most important parts of the future of the port information system.

Users access the application using their web browser (Mozilla Firefox) without the need for any additional apps.

Users login to the system with a valid username and password.

Addresses for access