Corridor Vc
Excellent traffic connections and a favorable geostrategic position at the junction of important industrial routes make the port an inevitable junction of the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Central Europe.
In Helsinki, in 1997, the port was designated as the starting / closing point of Corridor Vc, as it is located at the intersection of traffic routes.

Situated in the north-south direction is the Sarajevo-Ploče railway line, which is part of the railway line C (Budapest-Osijek-B. Šamac-Sarajevo-Ploče, 809 km long) of the Fifth Pan-European Corridor (Venice-Trieste-Budapest-Uzgorod-Lviv ) – making the Port of Ploče the sea connection of this branch.

In the vicinity of the Port of Ploče there are four international airports for passenger traffic: Mostar Airport – cca 60km; Dubrovnik airport (Čilipi) – cca 120km; Split airport (Resnik) – cca 140km; airport Sarajevo (Butmir, BiH) – cca 190km.

The Port of Ploče is located along the Adriatic Highway (E-65), a road that runs from Trieste through Rijeka and Split to the extreme south of this part of Europe. The rest of Croatia is connected to the A1 motorway.