Pomorski Servis d.o.o. is one of the ˝daughter˝ companies of the Port of Ploče and was founded in 1998. After its founding, the administration expanded its activities, and besides engaging and disembarking ships, pilots, crew and passengers, supplying water and accepting shipwrecks, a deratization, disinsection and disinfection facility was also established.

Over the years, the company has been gradually developing, the number of employees has increased and numerous investments have started to improve the working conditions and standards both at the company and in the Port of Ploče itself. In order to foster cooperation with the Port of Ploče, this Maritime Service also invests in ecology and with the procurement of an eco-boat, it provided the port the ability for intervention in the event of pollution at sea.

Vision and Mission:

Permanent monitoring of work processes;

Fulfilling client requests and expectations;

Permanent improvement of business services;

Motivating employees.


Director: Robert Lulić      091 534 0306

Financial department:

091 603 1702

DDD business service:     091 603 1708

Email:  pomorski.servis@gmail.com